Swapping ".name" and ".value" on "lv_ex_settings.c" when using "refr_list_btn(item)" on superloop

Hi, I know you archived “lv_ex_settings” repository but would you help me out.
Whenever the “LV_SETTINGS_TYPE_LIST_BTN” item I refreshing in my super-loop opens in menu, first (before refresh in loop) upper value is the “.name” and below is “.value” which is normal but as soon as value refreshes the “.name” and “.value” swap orders and “.value” goes above “.name” under.

static char time_value[9];
static lv_settings_item_t misc_menu_items[] =
	{.type = LV_SETTINGS_TYPE_LIST_BTN, .name="Clock", .value=time_value},

loop{ if(_1_second_passed) print_clock() }

static void print_clock(){

	i = &misc_menu_items[MISC_ITEM_TIME];
	sprintf(i->value, "%02d:%02d:%02d", time_menu_items[GLOBAL_TIME_MENU][TIME_ITEM_HOURS].state, time_menu_items[GLOBAL_TIME_MENU][TIME_ITEM_MINS].state, time_menu_items[GLOBAL_TIME_MENU][TIME_ITEM_SECONDS].state);



probably it’s accidentally swapped here: https://github.com/lvgl/lv_apps/blob/master/src/lv_settings/lv_settings.c#L509

Maybe, but how can I fix it?
lv_obj_align(value, name, LV_ALIGN_OUT_BOTTOM_MID, 0, 0);
does not effect.

Where is this in the code?
In lv_settings.c I couldn’t find anything aligned with LV_ALIGN_OUT_BOTTOM_MID.

Yes, there is no LV_ALIGN_OUT_BOTTOM_MID
I added in case of not-aligning cause the swapping, but that’s not work.

You can fork the archived repo and ad your changes there. This way I can see you code.
Without it it’s quite difficult to find the issue.