Support/Help for RA8875

Has anybody used littlecgl with an RA8875 (800x480)?
I guess it should work, but have not found a good base to start and don’t want to start from scratch.
If possible not python but C++.

Maybe you could start with the driver
Depends on your platform ofcourse.

I have updated this library to work with ESP32, but I don’t know how to match that with littlevgl. Where are the connection points/interfaces from this RA8875 to littlevgl?

Are yout talking about the lvgl lib or the ra8875?

If the ra8875 then you probably haven’t seen this?

LittlevGL is not written in Python, and requires no Python to work. It’s just pure C.

Maybe you were confused by the fact that we state it supports Micropython.

I know, it’s written in C, but there was some advertising for micropythin, thus I wanted just to mention, that I don’t want an example in python :wink:

Yes, I have seen this article many weeks ago. It talkes about ESp32 support for littlevgl and it uses the espressif tool chain (which I don’t really like). I use either Arduino Studio or Platformio (via Visual Studio Code).
With my post I was looking at a RA8875 example with littlevgl and not for an ESP32 - which I use - , both would be even better (littlevgl, RA8875, ESP32)

Hi there,

I’m also using ESP32 with version C3-12F and RA8875. After a month I could make it work, it quite confusing at first but I manage to display in RA8875 but it still slows for drawing. You could try using LVGL Arduino example. Here’s the example code that I have been used that successfully compiled and display widget examples:
ra8875_lvgl.c.txt (4.1 KB)

Ps.: I make my own code for driving RA8875 by referring to RA8875_Adafruit Source code and datasheet, this help me to understand better how RA8875 works, and we can customize the SPI etc.