Stretch and fill top of screen with container


I need to create container that must be aligned to top of main screen and stretched in left and right.

Code below align container in top and middle of the screen, but no stretch in left and right. How to achieve that?

main_screen_controls.panel_top = lv_cont_create(main_screen, NULL);  
lv_cont_set_layout(main_screen_controls.panel_top, LV_LAYOUT_PRETTY_MID);
lv_obj_set_drag_parent(main_screen_controls.panel_top, true);
lv_cont_set_fit2(main_screen_controls.panel_top, LV_FIT_NONE, LV_FIT_TIGHT);
lv_obj_set_width(main_screen_controls.panel_top, BTN_W*2);
lv_obj_align(main_screen_controls.panel_top, main_screen, LV_ALIGN_IN_TOP_MID, 0, 0);

lv_cont_set_fit2(main_screen_controls.panel_top, LV_FIT_PARENT, LV_FIT_TIGHT);