Stop LVGL and clean screen


while selfupdate from SD-Card the screens flickers while the update is installed. How to disable or stop LVGL and leave an clear blank screen?

Perhabs i only write something on screen like “Update in progress…” via GFX.

How to do that?

To disable or stop LVGL and leave an clear blank screen,
this works for me. Cant help with the 2nd question.

// Reset styles to prevent memory leaks.
void ScreenExit( void )
lv_style_reset( &BtnReleasedStyle ); // Free allocated memory.
lv_style_reset( &BtnPressedStyle );
lv_style_reset( &BtnAreaStyle );

void DisplayExit( void )
lv_obj_clean ( lv_scr_act() ); // Clean objects from current screen.
lv_obj_invalidate( lv_scr_act() ); // Invalidate objects for redraw.
lv_refr_now( disp ); // Update display immediately.
ScreenExit(); // Cleanup screen resources.
lv_disp_remove( disp ); // Cleanup display registration.
lv_deinit(); // Cleanup LVGL resources.


it seems that the OTA Update the flickering caused, not the stopping of LVGL. Thanks