STM32f103 LittleVgl (V6.0) demo. ILI9341, XPT2046, no OS

updated firmware for LittleVgl V6.0.
old release V1.0 works with LittleVgl V5.3


Thank you!

I have seen your code, you are using spi dma to transport data but polling transmit state after sending instead of using transmit complete interrupt, are you?
I think the polling way would not improve the flush speed very well. Have you ever compared the speed between with or without using DMA? There is a benchmark right there for you to test.

I am now debuging SPI DMA mode, there is something wrong with my project. I supposed the timing of calling lv_disp_flush_ready(&disp_drv); is the reason.

I’m planning to rewrite code using LL libraries. I’ll improve DMA with interrupts

project migrated to STM32 Low Layer Drivers (LL)
improved DMA transfer with interrupts.

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