Single frame buffer operation even with advanced graphical effects?

What does advanced graphical effects mean here?

does it include animation?

It means all LittlevGL features:

  • no flickering when drawing
  • opacity
  • animations
  • shadow (blur)

Cool, so it can simulate a real watch working (with arrows for hour, minute and second) on a small LCD/OLED screen with single frame buffer, right?

Yes, however LittlevGL still needs a small draw buffer (>= 1 line). See Display porting.

You can simply use lines for the hands of the clock but if you wan’t to use images you need some extra RAM to store the rotated images (only the current state because LittlevGL can rotate real time). See the canvas object for more info on rotation.

Great, will do.

Thank you.

The term framebuffer is a bit misleading. It works with many displays that don’t really have a built-in framebuffer but rather indirectly accessible GRAM.

Great, that’s even more cool