Set the widget arc value at runtime


I’m using LVGL 8.3.8

How can I set the widget arc value at runtime / in a loop (not at initialization)?
If I do following the program freezes. I think it is the wrong function.

lv_arc_set_value(ui.screen_arc_1, arcValue);

Thank you

with debug I can see that the void MemManage_Handler(void) is called… so some assertion problems?
(HAL Library, STM32)

Same situation here. Did we both misunderstand something?
I am running LVGL 8.3.7.

Maybe good is show your code and platform. I call this func without trouble in ESP32 arduino…

I am running LVGL with Zephyr on an STM32G0. It looks like lvgl is only freezing when lv_arc_set_value() is called before the according screen is visible. My workaround was to only call lv_arc_set_value() when the the according screen is fully loaded.