[RFC] Script for automatically adjusting code when a major version is released?


When a major LVGL version is released, a number of APIs tend to get deprecated, renamed, and/or removed.

So far, we’ve generally left it to users to update their code by replacing calls to missing APIs with their newer equivalents. Today I was discussing our release policy with the Zephyr project, and a developer there mentioned that having a script to automatically do this transformation on a user’s code would be useful.

I think this kind of thing would be useful, but I don’t have a lot of time to spend on it at the moment. With this post I was hoping to gather others’ thoughts and see if there is any interest in the community at large.

(cc @Core_contributor)

I think if backward compatibility can be maintained we add wrappers to lv_api_map.h. For these changes we can easily have a script.

However, for example the new layouts will break the API. I can hardly imagine a script which can make the old layout/fit code into the new one.