Real coordinates of rotated image? images in chain?

Hi everyone. i have problem with object rotation coordinates
as i see object coords x1-x2-y1-y2 are not changing during rotation process.
how can i get real coordinates of image edges that i am rotating?

my goal is to connect several images one by one and keep connection when i am rotating them (up to 80 degree)

so it might look like a snake or whip or train where wagons are images with connections.

now i am trying to use cos and sin to get new coordinates of edge if each image after rotation.

is there any way to make it easyer?

still trying to find solution.

ive found method in docs that has description that i think do the trick.
void _lv_img_buf_get_transformed_area(lv_area_t *res, lv_coord_t w, lv_coord_t h, int16_t angle, uint16_t zoom, const lv_point_t *pivot)
Get the area of a rectangle if its rotated and scaled

but there is no object input… any help?

so i need real coordinates of rotated object