RA8875 7'' display does not work

RA8875 seems that does not work with lvgl. Something is problematic with the setup i suppose. The problems that i have is the one presented but not solved in the github issue

As summary in my case i just have black screen.

  1. When using SIO and full-duplex the memory clear operation times out, which warns the controller may be unresponsive except if the SPI frequency small like 1MHz where not error comes but program does nothing expect logging the it Enables Display.

  2. When using DIO/QIO and half-duplex, the error about DMA comes up

Someone else is saying that there is problem with SPI Mode where there is not setup for RA8875 in lvgl_spi_conf.h so program takes SPI Mode 0. He says that proper mode is 3 but i do not see also this working

#define SPI_TFT_SPI_MODE    (2)
#define SPI_TFT_SPI_MODE    (0)

I am using v4.3 esp-idf and the lv_esp32_port example to check how it works.

Is there any solution cause the github issue is closed before one year

I have managed to use esp32 on Adafruit RA8875 arduino example by using vspi pins. lv_esp32_port with the same pins does not work. I compressed ino and lib to sent it. I saw some differencies in the initialize function from the initial setup but they did not work . is it possible to get a more experience eye to look at it?
Adafruit_RA8875.zip (407.5 KB)

My solution in the basic sdconfig and in ra8875 setup is
sdkconfig.zip (12.5 KB)

I would appreciate some help, or it seems that i have to leave lvgl and try to find different solution

Hi there,

I’m also using ESP32 with version C3-12F and RA8875. After a month I could make it work, it quite confusing at first but I manage to display in RA8875 but it still slows for drawing. You could try using LVGL Arduino example. Here’s the example code that I have been used that successfully compiled and display widget examples:
ra8875_lvgl.c.txt (4.1 KB)

Ps.: I make my own code for driving RA8875 by referring to RA8875_Adafruit Source code and datasheet, this help me to understand better how RA8875 works, and we can customize the SPI etc.