Problems with LVGL on custom board


Apologies if this is not the correct area for this question. I have recently received prototype boards built around the NXP LPC54018 processor and I am having problems getting LVGL examples to run on it that do run OK on our development board. And I can successfully run the NXP SDK LCD examples on this custom board. But none of the LVGL examples will work on the custom board. The code does run but what appears on the LCD is just noise (see screenshot below). One thing to note is that our custom board uses a different MCU package (208-pin) vs the development board (180-pin) so all of the SDK examples have to be modified for the custom board. But that has not been a problem for the non-LVGL examples. I am currently at a loss and would appreciate any help. Thanks!

To summarize:
Development board non-LVGL LCD = good
Development board LVGL LCD = good
Custom board non-LVGL LCD = good
Custom board LVGL LCD = bad (code is running but nothing correct on LCD)

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?

NXP/LPC54018/LPCXpresso54018 and Custom board with NXP LPC54018
LCD Panel Rocktech RK043FN66HS-CTG

What do you want to achieve?

To be able to run the LVGL examples which work on the LPCXpresso54018 on our custom hardware. Other (non-LVGL) examples from the SDK run on both boards. LVGL examples only run successfully on the development board.

What have you tried so far?

Running all of the available LVGL examples from the NXP SDK and also creating the simplest possible LVGL example (single colored screen) using GUI Guider 1.4.0. So far no success with anything using LVGL on the custom board.

Screenshot and/or video

This is a screenshot of running the LVGL Benchmark demo on the custom board. These lines move around and change in a way that seems to correspond to the correctly running demo. But the images are always just these random blue-ish lines.

Hi @mitchkapa

this issue looks HW related. We have NXP experts for this type of issues. Raise your issue on our NXP community GUI Guider - NXP Community please.


Thanks, Mike. I am closing in on it being an SDRAM issue and I’ll post here when I have the final resolution.

To confirm it was an SDRAM issue on our board. Once that was resolved our LVGL projects ran fine. I wasn’t initially tracking that down because the build output of MCUXpresso shows a 0% usage for BOARD_SDRAM so either that number isn’t useful or you have to take extra steps at some point in the process to make it produce a realistic number.