Problem compiling lvgl with custom micropython

Yup, until now I was using the version without SPIRAM. I had this problem before Not enough DMA-able memory to allocate display buffer. But changing factor worked. Now it’s not working, even if I don’t use wifi etc.
Last case scenario I will use the M5stack fire (esp32 with SPIRAM) that I ordered for the case I got this problem again, but I would like to use the normal version if possible.
But since I don’t even have the mqboard yet I don’t how feasible it would be in the future to use everything just with the normal esp32.

About the problem with the lv_task_handler I haven’t got to that point yet and don’t really know the lvgl internals. But I am sure that somebody can help us. Maybe @amirgon or @kisvegabor if they have the time.