PIC32MZ DA with GLCD interface porting?


Anybody have integrated LittleVGL (https://littlevgl.com/) with a PIC32MZ DA GLDC interface and want to share the porting code?

Having some difficulties to porting.

One of my friends did it without Harmony but it was a hell. There were so many bugs that we couldn’t believe it. For example, in case of GLCD, only full register writes were working. (e.g. GLCDREG = 0x1234) but the usual GLCDREGbits.FOO = 0x7 caused crash during initialization.
We used the Harmony code as a reference to create our own driver but it was really difficult. If you don’t mind to use Harmony probably it will be easier.

The GPU was very very slow.

The DDR RAM is working but the driver was the same hell as GLCD.

Unfortunately, my friend can’t share it but I can send his email address to you if you are interested.

Hi, i have the same problem, you solved it?