Objects and styles: a recap document?

Hi all,

A real world situation. I am doing a page object, and I need a scrollbar there. Great, it comes automatically; LV_SCRLBAR_MODE_AUTO is default.

But then, I’d like to tune the scrollbar a little. Put some offset to have it outside the page area, maybe adjust color, thickness, transparency…

X-offset was easy, I recalled having found it out some time ago:
lv_obj_set_style_local_pad_right(page, LV_PAGE_PART_SCROLLBAR, LV_STATE_DEFAULT, -3);

Now, what I’d like to have is a list of objects and their style properties. I have now studied the online docs maybe half an hour and still cannot figure out how to adjust the scrollbar thickness…

What do you think? Am I the only one with my thoughts? :blush:

Cheers! Köszönöm!

There’s a couple different ways to figure this out:

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Thank you @embeddedt!

I wonder how I have missed the “parts and styles” section (or forgot it exists at all). There they are… Luckily enough you have the word “should” there :grin:

Apparently I still have a long journey ahead to get LvGL API into my spinal cord.

Again, thanks a lot - feeling a little ashamed :slight_smile:

No problem - I’ve also only been reading in depth about the new style system for the last two weeks or so.

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I hope not because it’s that complicated. :sweat_smile:

If you feel some parts or ambiguous, please let me know.

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@kisvegabor, despite we share a kindred language, in ancient times you Puszta habitants chose for the sun - and I think at the same time you got the mathematical and logical talents too :sweat_smile: We went for north, and that was a mistake!

So, please give me some time to understand this all, my brain is considerably slower when compared to an average Hungarian one … So imagine how slow it is when compared to yours :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Greetings from Finland :smiley:

I can’t stop laughing :smiley:

I think if it’s too complicated than it’s a sing of my bad way of thinking :smiley:

Well … not necessarily. It could be the recipient too. Really!

However, I’m slowly getting familiar with this quite astonishing piece of software! Should you ever establish an LvGL imperium, I might apply for an FAE position :wink: Could I do it remotely? Oh well, a little travelling to the HQ doesn’t harm, I love gulyás and pálinka :heart_eyes: Stock options, please?

Finally, we just created the company for LVGL and sooner or later we will need some more people. Are you really interested in it? Knowing gulyás and pálinka is a huge advantage. :smiley:

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Well, thoughts around this are maybe something not to be said publicly :blush:

I might get back to you on this by e.g. email!

Congratulations for the new company! The world really needs this after all overpriced mammoth packages!

Looking forward to your email :slight_smile: