Not enough DMA-able memory - ili9341

Hi @haybarry !

Yes, of course it’s possible.
I’m not sure why you don’t have enough DMAable RAM.
I’m using ESP32 WROVER with SPIRAM and have no issues with ili9341.

  • Do you use latest version of lv_micropython from GitHub?
  • Did you remember to update git submodules?
  • Did you change anything in lv_micropython? Did you add or change anything that might consume more RAM?
  • I didn’t try ESPIDF v4.3 (although it might work).
    The officially supported versions for Micropython v1.18 are v4.0.2 and v4.4 (142bb32c50fa9875b8b69fa539a2d59559460d72)
  • Do run anything after boot but before initializing the display? Try to initialize the display first (before wifi init, for example).

You can reduce the required DMAable RAM by setting a higher value for factor (try 8, 16, 32, 64, etc.), but this comes at expense of performance.

See: Not enough DMA-able memory to allocate display buffer