My RC Car Transmitter

Hi, yes currently tested. But the label name isn’t updated.
For this issue exists a new pull request.

In the meantime i will update my demo.

New Version is online and working:
Thx for the prompt help!

Here’s the first Screenshot of my RC Transmitter.

All Elements are dynamically.

  • In the Header all needed Informations shown (e.g. WiFi, Bluetooth, Signal, Battery)
  • The speedometer can modified via setting to shown as analog or digital
  • Informations on the left come direct from the RC Receiver (Battery, Temperature)
  • The stopwatch can started/paused/stopped via a hardware button
  • Apart from the setting button on the bottom left, each button can be changed dynamically (color, action).
  • The Watch in the top can be configured via NTP and/or RTC

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That looks impressive !

What 7 seg font did you use ?

Thanks for the info, I went through the motions and ended up doing this,

I’m using
I’ve to switch to a different font, before publishing to github.

I merged the PR thank you!

Looks great! Let us know if you have video about it! :slight_smile: