LVGL v8.3.5 is taking more RAM when PXP is enabled

Hi all,

We are considering to use lvgl in our project.
Our project is based on NXP iMXRT1062. It has an external NOR Flash but no external RAM.
For RAM, we will be using the available internal 1MB of RAM of MCU. Having said that, we have
limited RAM space so for us, every Bytes count :slight_smile:

I was initially working/testing the available lvgl lib inside the NXP SDK version 2.13.1.
The lvgl version available and integrated inside SDK v2.13.1 is the version v8.3.2.

And then, I tried to build the latest NXP SDK version 2.14.1. This version of SDK has integrated lvgl v8.3.5.

I compiled the sample project “evkmimxrt1060_lvgl_guider_bm” for SDK v2.13.1 and 2.14.1 and compare the results.
I have noticed that, if LV_USE_GPU_NXP_PXP is enabled, lvgl v8.3.5 is taking extra 255kB of RAM on top of the frame buffers.
I saw that in lvgl v8.3.5 there is an improvement in the pxp implementation under lvgl\src\draw\pxp. Maybe this is causing the extra RAM.

Why lvgl v8.3.2 is not taking much RAM even when pxp is enabled?
For long term solution, is it safe to use the lvgl v8.3.2? Or advisable to use the latest lvgl version and just disable the pxp because of RAM concern? Please advice.

Thank you very much.