LVGL : translate C label to micropython

Bonjour ,
one question : I want to hide the TAB label in tabview :
in c example : lv_tabview_set_btns_pos(tabview, LV_TABVIEW_TAB_POS_TOP/BOTTOM/LEFT/RIGHT/NONE)
how to translate LV_TABVIEW … from c to mycropython ?
and one second : how to clear (CLS) the screen ?
thanks for help

I suggest using tab completion in MicroPython to help you find the C equivalents; it’s quite powerful. Type lv. and press the Tab key and you will see all of members under that namespace. You can repeat this as you type more.

The equivalent for this case is lv.tabview.TAB_POS.TOP.

To clear the LVGL screen, use lv.obj_clean(lv.scr_act()). I am not sure how to clear the MicroPython REPL.

speed ; thank’s a lot
I’ll be back soon with twatch-2020/lvgl questions

Be sure to check the many Micropython examples on lv_examples repo.
There is an example to every widget. These examples are expected to be added to the official docs soon.

sorry but with the completion lv.obj_ has no __clean …
or own mistake
thanks for help

edit : lv.obj.clean( lv.scr_act())

PS : have looking in the examples but not found

The clean function only works on an object, so you need to use lv.scr_act().clean().