LVGL port to be used with epaper displays

PR submitted and will be under review in a few days.

Got already into next problem when trying to make a bit more of a complex demo. I just wanted to move sliders and send a WiFi request with the value to change the colors of a Lamp.

xtensa-esp32-elf/bin/ld: region `iram0_0_seg’ overflowed by 7640 bytes

And that’s what I found out. LVGL libraries take a lot of space and I cannot use the WiFi library (WiFi and Bluetooth libraries are quite bulky) Tried many things but I’m a bit out of ideas. Is there any way to make LVGL lighter, reducing module usage or something alike so I have more space for my other libraries?

Update: could finally compile something with WiFi. Found out that is possible to allocate WiFi is PSRAM. Anyways I’m interested to know if it’s possible that lvgl uses less program space if you just need a reduced subset of widgets.

First demo of LVGL Sliders controlling ESP-MESH Lamps.
On every change of value, the callback ḿakes a short WiFi request:
Video of LVGL sliders controlling MESH-Lamps with ESP32

Isn’t the RAM overflowed?

Niiiiice :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the help here.
I took some weeks more of work and ported this to LVGL 9.
I would like that RGB332 mode comes back to future updates.
Designed a PCB based on epdiy parallel Eink controller to take full control of a Kinle paperwhite 1 display ED060XC3
Video demo :

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