Lvgl for the RasPad

I’m trying to get lvgl to work on the RasPad laptop. I have the display working correctly but the touch screen doesn’t seem to work. Has anyone else got this to function?

Are you running this on Linux with SDL, Linux with direct framebuffer access, or on bare metal?

If it’s the second option, is the touchscreen an evdev device? Have you configured the right device in lv_drv_conf.h? Did you initialize and register the evdev driver?

A code sample and/or more details would be useful.

Thanks for the reply. I’m new to lvgl so I’m sure I’m doing something wrong. I’m using direct framebuffer access. Actually I’m using the code I had working for the Raspberry Pi 7" touch screen which worked great. Like I mentioned, the graphics portion of things works fine it is only the touch screen that doesn’t. I don’t know if the touchscreen is an evdev. I couldn’t find any technical info on the touchscreen. Also, I cannot find a file named lv_drv_conf.h in the github code. What am I missing?

Check if there are any files named /dev/input/eventX; one of them is probably the touchscreen.

Do you have the lv_drivers repository included as part of your project? That would be where the framebuffer driver is (unless you wrote a custom one from scratch).