Lvgl and network error with micropython on ESP32 in v7, ok in v6

Hi @amirgon
Thanks for your suggestions.

  • Running gc.mem_free before network.WLAN shows 98848 bytes of unallocated heap RAM.
  • With initializing network first I get the “Not enough DMA-able memory to allocate display buffer” error
  • Setting factor=8 on the ili9341 worked, but only if the nework.WLAN initialisation was before the ili9341.
  • I do not have a wrover ESP32 atm.
  • I notice in the ili9341 initialisation that the buf allocation from the heap use 38400 bytes each with factor=4. So with double_buffer=True this is near 76800, which is probably the reason for the memory allocation fail. I’ll play around with factors and double_buffer and see if this works out satisfactorily.

Edit: now found this discussion about dma able memory

As the above discussion the heap is not necessarily dma-able, which is what I am finding as both the network and ili9341 initialisation is hardly consuming any of the heap as shown by gc.mem_alloc().