Lvgl and network error with micropython on ESP32 in v7, ok in v6

Hi @sornen

If memory allocation is the problem, you can try a few things:

  • Try to initialize network first, and only then initialize ili9341 (and see if now you get memory allocation error from ili9341)
  • Reduce the RAM needed for networking (I’m not sure about the details, probably some LWIP configuration macros)
  • Reduce the RAM consumed by ili9341 driver buffers: set higher values to factor argument of ili9341 (default is 4, you can try 8 or 16).
  • Try your code on ESP32 with SPI RAM such as wrover.
  • Reduce the RAM consumed by lvgl itself (@kisvegabor, @embeddedt - could you suggest what to change in lv_conf.h to reduce lvgl RAM alllocated on lv_init() ?)

This may be related: