LVGL Academy not accessible

I am LVGL newbie with just getting started. I bought the course from LVGL academy but now its giving internal server error: 500.

I do not have any idea whom should I contact to get it resolved. In case, academy is not coming back, anyother preferred sources to continue learning LVGL with FreeRTOS?

I think @mair.swartz will be able to help with it.

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hi @adm,

Sorry about that. The website is currently not functioning correctly due to Node dependencies that are tricky to update. I am working on updating the site and hope to have it up again soon. Please bear with me while I get it fixed.

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Thanks alot. Much appreciated.


I started the lvgl academ cource… It is my bad…

I am not able to finish the even the Cource Integration (the 5th!!!) lesson, becuse the version of the available code is completelly different as the proovided code.
Even the IDE is different, completelly different strucure… :frowning:

And I am not able to overcome with the differencies…

Do you have any idea what would be ANY better to learn LVGL then the “official” academy?
I am getting sick to find the way to learn the LVGL stuff. Sorry about to be frustrated. I met wit LVGL 3 months ago, and I am not able to find a REAL beginner training material…

Any sugestuion / help is appreciated after 3 moths sucks…