LV_SIGNAL_PRESSED repeatedly trigger


When I touch a image button object once time,it trigger LV_SIGNAL_PRESSED repeatedly.

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?

cortex m4

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    lv_obj_t* bt_swi = lv_imgbtn_create(tile, NULL);
    lv_btn_set_checkable(bt_swi, true);
    lv_imgbtn_set_src(bt_swi, LV_BTN_STATE_RELEASED, &fast_switch_bt_off);
    lv_imgbtn_set_src(bt_swi, LV_BTN_STATE_CHECKED_RELEASED, &fast_switch_bt_on);
    lv_btn_set_state(bt_swi, LV_BTN_STATE_RELEASED);
    lv_obj_align(bt_swi, wifi_swi, LV_ALIGN_OUT_RIGHT_MID, 30, 0);

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Does it happen with a normal button as well? If so, it’s probably your input driver. Maybe your touchscreen is very sensitive and keeps losing/regaining the touch?

It’s work when I set LV_INDEV_DEF_READ_PERIOD a higher value,thanks!