Lv_micropython build with .py module doesn't work


I set up the new version of lv_micropython’s build.
It works fine however, as soon as I add a new .py file or modify one in the modules directory, I have to do a “make clean” before the build otherwise my modifications are not frozen into the build.

With my previous version (micropython V1.13), it worke fine.
An idea about that ?

Many thanks


Could you check if this problem is specific to lv_micropython?
Does it happen on upstream Micropython as well?

If this is a general problem in upstream Micropython, it’s best to open an issue there.
If it was already fixed in upstream Micropython, please let me know and I’ll update lv_micropython with the fix.

I have not had this issue while working with the latest lv_micropython on STM32. Perhaps it would help to put the file in a different directory and explicitly list it in boards/ instead of relying on the modules folder (which I thought exists for backwards-compatibility)?

I tried on the upstream micropython and I have the same problem. I posted a question on micropython forum. As soon as I have a solution or an explanation, I’ll post it here.

@Patoche5150 - You’ll have a better chance to resolve this by openning a GitHub issue.

I’ve noticed that MP forum messages are sometime ignored, while MP GitHub issues are often regarded more seriously by MP core maintainers.
Just explain the problem clearly and provide steps for reproducing the problem.