Line Chart doesn't show the last dot


Hi, I’m new to LVGL. I am testing the simulator on VScode and the I’m trying the line chart example. The line chart works perfectly when I show all 10 points, but when I comment out a point, it seems to miss the point before the last point I commented out. How I do resolve this issue?

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?


What LVGL version are you using?


What do you want to achieve?

To get the line chart to show all the dots I want to show

What have you tried so far?

I have commented out the last dot but the second last dot doesn’t show. It works fine when all 10 dots are used.

Code to reproduce

Add a code snippet which can run in the simulator. It should contain only the relevant code that compiles without errors when separated from your main code base.

The code block(s) should be formatted like:

void lv_example_chart_1(void)
    /*Create a chart*/
    lv_obj_t * chart;
    chart = lv_chart_create(lv_scr_act());
    lv_obj_set_size(chart, 200, 150);
    lv_chart_set_type(chart, LV_CHART_TYPE_LINE);   /*Show lines and points too*/

    /*Add two data series*/
    lv_chart_series_t * ser2 = lv_chart_add_series(chart, lv_palette_main(LV_PALETTE_GREEN), LV_CHART_AXIS_SECONDARY_Y);

    /*Directly set points on 'ser2'*/
    ser2->y_points[0] = 90;
    ser2->y_points[1] = 70;
    ser2->y_points[2] = 65;
    ser2->y_points[3] = 65;
    ser2->y_points[4] = 65;
    ser2->y_points[5] = 65;
    ser2->y_points[6] = 65;
    ser2->y_points[7] = 65;
    ser2->y_points[8] = 65;
    //ser2->y_points[9] = 65;

    lv_chart_refresh(chart); /*Required after direct set*/

Screenshot and/or video

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Screenshot (620)
As shown, the ninth point doesn’t show even though there is supposed to be data.