Lag when scroll a tabview when running LVGL 7.11 demo widgets

I am a newbie.when I run LVGL 7.11 demo widget, or if i create new TabView, when i change or scroll tabview, the display decrease FPS and become lagging like this video (Demo: LVGL with ESP32 3.5 Inch TFT Touch Screen - YouTube) (1:12 minutes). I am using ESP32, ILI9481 Display controller ( it only run under 16Mhz spi clock), GT911 (1Mhz). I already decrease periodic_timer for gui task, increase spi clock, using DMA but it still lag when scroll the tabview. Do you think if i replace ILI9481 to ST7796 or ILI9431 or another display controller the display will scroll smoothly like this (STM32 LVGL ILI9341 - YouTube)

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I share the same CPU, ESP32.
I am using the ILI9488 LCD driver and I have tried the same as you, but when changing the tab it lags.
I have this issue also with the 8.2 version of LVGL.

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yeah, and when scroll down it lag too! Do you think 16Mhz spi is high or low :smile:

Sincerely it depends on your project.
In my project the SPI works at 40 MHz and it still lags.

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