Just a small question and get how to Install LittlevGL over CodeBlocks and use?

Hi all, I am sorry if this is not the right place but I couldn’t find a proper solution over Internet.
I’ve developed some devices with different MCUs (ESPxx, STxxx, Arduinoxxx) with Nextion but Nextion is much like industrial HMI. And I’ve decided to use buydisplay’s screens so my small question is that;
Is it possible to design UI of TFT LCD panels (ILIxxx, SSDxxx, RAxxx, ) and program MCUs with LittlevGL?
To do that, I’ve installed CodeBlocks (with mingw ) and download pc_simulator_win_codeblocks but I couldn’t find any information about how to install this simulator on to CodeBlocks and how to start coding (both for UI and device codes).
Thanks right now…

You open the project in CodeBlocks.

Yes, but the CodeBlocks project is just for the simulator and not for running on an actual device. For an actual embedded device, you would use a standard embedded toolkit like Eclipse-based manufacturer IDEs, Keil, IAR, or even GCC.

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Which file? I’ve downloaded pc_simulator_win_codeblocks file and it contains many files and folders (drivers, examples and lvgl folder as well)

You open LittlevGL.cbp (CodeBlocks Project). But make sure you’ve extracted everything into a folder first (don’t open it from the ZIP file).

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Thank you for your help…