JPEG to C Array image format

We tried to convert JPEG to C Array using littlevgl / image-to-c-array and have below question

  1. Is there an ability to specify how many bits per pixel and how many bits per color definition in the translation table?
  2. We are assuming the table columns are red, green, blue. Is that correct?
  3. Can you please tell us what the 4th column in the table is (it is all 0xFF’s)?
  4. Is there any documentation to the format of the generated .c file?

Thank you for the help.


If you choose C array format 8, 16 and 32 bit outputs will be included in the result C file. For binary output you can directly specify the format.

The order of color channels in the array is Blue, Green, Red, Alpha.
You can read more about it here.

It’s the alpha (opacity) channel. It always there in 32 bit color depth. However, for 16 and 8 bit it’s added only if True color with alpha format is selected.

Yes, on the above-mentioned link.

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