It is possible use the RP2040 second core as a GPU?

Rescently I noticed that you can add a custom GPU and I wondering if it is possible use the second core of the RP2040 for that purpose…

-Micropython version supports add custom GPU?
-Has anyone tried something similar in micropython?
-Do you think such implementation should improve the performance by a lot % or only by a tiny perent cause all LVGL work is for drawing tasks (cause the second core has the same architecture than the first one)?

ok, maybe is simpler put all lvlg in one core:

import _thread
import lvgl as lv

...driver init...

def task_core2():
    while True:

def task_core1():
    btn = lv.btn( lv.scr_act() )
    lbl = lv.label( btn )
    lbl.set_text( "Hello World" )
    while( True ):
        print( "core1" )

_thread.start_new_thread( task_core2, () )

@jgpeiro Your “task_core2” is an event loop.
There is already an event-loop implementation on which uses Timer instead of a thread so it’s more accurate and consume less resources.