Is there minimum time needed to send LV_EVENT?


case 1:

  1. If you touch a button on the screen, a bar is created on the button.
  2. If the button is continuously touched, the LV_EVENT_PRESSING event occurs every 30ms and the bar progresses.
  3. It works.

case 2:

  1. When the external button is pressed, the button task is executed by an external interrupt.
  2. In the button task, LV_EVENT_PRESSING event is delivered at 90 us intervals.
    lv_event_send(obj, LV_EVENT_PRESSING);
  3. Hard fault occurs while bar progressing is in progress

=> It works by inserting a delay time (vTaskDelay(10ms)) in the button task and sending the event at 10ms intervals.

Is there a minimum amount of time required for events to occur in succession?

No, there shouldn’t be any minimum. It sounds like you are using FreeRTOS, since you have mentioned vTaskDelay. Are you using mutexes correctly?

I want to change screen after one animation image was finished, there is no event given on image. any link then plz share