IS the esp32-idf changed in the newest lvmicropython?


like shown in the picture.
when i run “make -C ports/esp32/ ESPIDF=~/esp/esp-idf -j4 LV_CFLAGS=”-DLV_HOR_RES=240 -DLV_VER_RES=320 -DLV_COLOR_DEPTH=16""
it throws an error:
cannot find the dictionary '/home/mx/esp/esp-idf/components/json/include’
cannot find the dictionary ‘/home/mx/esp/esp-idf/components/json/port/include’
but i have got the esp-idf needed shown in the ports/esp32/makefile.
is the esp-idf changed?

Hi @tianzhengtong!

You can ignore these warnings for now, they don’t affect the build.
They are the result of this line:

ALL_ESPIDFMOD_SRC = $(shell find $(subst -I,,$(INC_ESPCOMP)) -type f) $(ESPIDFMOD_SOURCE) $(SDKCONFIG_H)

Apparently, INC_ESPCOMP contains some non-existent directories.