Is image rendering on my esp32 with ILI9341 optimal

Hey can someone tell me is image rendering on my ESP32 optimal? I can see some lag it’s not horrible in video but it can be irritating while scrolling.

VID_20201025_180909.2020-10-25 18_28_02

If you’re using SPI as interface you can make it go faster, that’s what I would do first.

What is your display size?

Display resolution is 320x240


What is the clock speed of the SPI? And do you use DMA for SPI transfer?

I didn’t touch clock speed CONFIG_LV_TFT_DISPLAY_CONTROLLER_ILI9341=y

#define SPI_TFT_CLOCK_SPEED_HZ  (40*1000*1000)

so I assume that clock speed is default 40MHz because of code above. I got a little smoother experience by switching guiTask to core 0. I don’t know about DMA, how to check it?

After investigating it I still don’t know how to enable DMA, @kisvegabor can you help me with that? I manage to get 3-4 additional frames after I switched to core 0. I recorded 2 more videos that you can find on this link. Application is running smoothly and I have 33fps except scroll. On the second video I removed image and you can see that there we have 33fps when scrolling. Probably I will change design because screen is too small for scroll and I’m having hard time using it without pencil.

Are you using the lv_port_esp32 project?

Yes I’m using that project.