Is any way to change lv_obj from 480 x272 layer to 800 x 480 layer?

my original screen is design by 480 x 272.
i create ten pages and finish it function.
today, i want to support 800 x 480.
it any way to quick change original 480x272 ten page to 800 x 480?

i try to change
lv_obj_set_x(…) x 1.6667
lv_obj_set_y(…) x 1.7647
lv_obj_set_width(…) x 1.6667
lv_obj_set_height(…) x 1.7647
it looks good, but some lv_obj show error.
lv_tabview_create, lv_tabview_add_tab, lv_textarea_create.

You can try lv_obj_set_size