How to used 2D Graphics acceleration

There is a hardware for 2D Graphics acceleration, some,like drawing lines, points and so on,is operated by hardware.
So how to make the feature in littlevgl? Should I modify the part of HAL ?

Does it a periphery of the MCU or a feature of an external display controller?

It’s not supported now, but it’d be possible to add support for 2D graphics accelerator for some trivial cases.

The most important that lvgl needs here is clipped drawing. E.g. draw a rectangle to (10, 20, 100, 150) but we need only the top left corner now, so clip the result to (0, 0, 50, 50). Does it supported in your GPU?

Just out of curiosity, which GPU do you have? Does it support rounded rectangle, rectangle border, gradient, polygon, joined line ending or path stroke?

I checked roadmap and I see “custom hardware”.
Does it mean that you are preparing some offloading/acceleration to custom 2D-GPU ?

I see some hooks for 2D DMA.
Is it possible to offload final object (after whole object is drawn) color_conversion/layered_object_merging/blending to external 2D-GPU (for example custom FPGA) to complete framebuffer ?

Most probably we will create the custom hardwares with already existing MCUs and peripheries. (E.g. an ST or NXP chip).