How to use the font converter in LittlevGL 6.0

I want to convert fonts in Lvgl6.0
the conver url is:
Here is the convert parameters:
Bpp:1 bit-per-pixel

FontAwesome.ttf donloaded is from Lvgl 5.3
When I click the convert button, it doesn’t work Why?

The same operation is successful in Lvgl 5.3, but failed in Lvgl 6.0

The 32-126 range is for ASCII characters but FontAwseome doesn’t contain them. For “normal” letters and numbers you should use a “normal” font, like Arial.

I replace “FontAwesome.ttf” with “arial.ttf”, it still failed.
arial.ttf is copied from c:/windows/fonts

Please send a screenshot about the settings in the converter.

It’s working for me. Here is the result: arial_24.c (24.3 KB)

Does it work in an other browser?
Is JavaScript enabled in your browser?

I’ve only tested it in Firefox and Chrome. Other browsers (unless they are forks of those) are usually outdated, and thus not supported.

I’ve tested in Firefox and Chrome in different computers, it still failed.
Is my arial.ttf wrong? Can you give me your arial.ttf and let me try it again?

JavaScript is enabled usually
I can convert font in LittlevGL 5.3

Are you using the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome or outdated versions?

Here is the Arial.ttf I’ve used: (161.3 KB)

Firefox is automatic update, so it should be the latest version

It doesn’t work.
Do you have offline convert tools?

Or where is the difference of font between V5.3 and V6.0
Can I use converter of V5.3?

No, you have to use the new converter.

Is there an error shown in the browser’s developer console?

No,when I click the convert button, the browser just refreshed the webpage and nothing happened.
There is no tip or message box to me.
After convert, the url became:

In Chrome:

  1. Right click on an empty place (e.g. background of the website)
  2. Choose “Inspect” from the menu
  3. Select “Console” on the top menu bar of the “DevTools” window
  4. Try to convert and copy-past here the log in the console

The offline tool is here:


I try it today and it succeeded
Did you fix the proglem?

By success, do you mean that you got a working font? If so, it’s likely that something was up with your network connection before.