How to use TE/VSYNC trigger from display controller

lv_timer_handler is called in the main loop…
I can try create another tick timer and call it from there, and lower the vsync interrupt priority.
Will test over the weekend and see if that works

So I did the following:

In my vsync IRQ I set a vsyncReady bool to true.

In my main loop under one of my interval times (where lv_timer_handler is called) I added the following:

 vsyncReady = false;

This worked and got the display and LVGL renders to appear.

Problem is… It made the tearing more noticeable.

Perhaps I should set the vsync to trigger earlier and not on the last line?

Are you sure you trigger on the right edge of the TE signal?

I trigger when it rises

 attachInterrupt(digitalPinToInterrupt(TE), vsync_irq, RISING);

I can try change it HIGH, but it would be almost the same.

I also tied to play around with the scanline trigger point (eg trigger at 460px, 480px, 0px etc…) but just got worse.
Should I be using a single frame buffer with TE or is the two half screen sized buffers okay as well?