How to open up a drop-down list in up direction?


  • What MCU/Processor/Board are you using? Stm32f103rbt6
  • What compiler are you using?keil v5


  • What version of LittlevGL are you using? version 6
  • What do you want to achieve? drop down list opens in up direction
  • What have you tried so far? I read document ,googled and found nothing

Unfortunately, it’s not supported right now AFAIK.

that was so upsetting
if a drop-down is at the bottom of LCD it is useless

@AhmadBan You should use a page so the user can scroll down and choose the element they need. Or you should position it further up on the display.

unfortunately I have not enough ram and I have problem with some component including page .app goes to hard fault

You’ll need to debug and find where it crashes.

I’ve found a simple way to achieve it. See the Drup up list example

However, I agree with @embeddedt, you should find the cause of the crash first.

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I suppose in 6.1 I should add the ability to choose whether the arrow points up or down then.

Yes, I agree.

thank you ,you are an intelligent person
I solved Hard faults