How to get imgbtn focussed

Hi All,
i have a question using imgbtn , i have a project that use rotary encoder and UI based on imgbtn.
My problem is how to get imgbtn focused, when i use standard btn object and change encoder value button is focused, but when i try to do it on imgbtn nothing happens.


HI !
Do you add this imgbtn to group ? (Using lv_group_add_obj function ?)

Hi @hayhay10 ,
yes imgbtn objects are added to group, below is a part of test code that is used :


When i move encoder btn object get focused , but imgbtn not.


It was a bug in the library. I fixed it in the dev-6.0 branch. If you are using v5.3 you can apply the changes manually:

Hi, @kisvegabor i made changes suggested by you , and everything woks well
Thank you !

Great! :slight_smile: