How to draw a GUI with transparent background using wayland?

Hi all

This is my setup:

Hardware: i.MX93 EVK
Software: Linux distro based on wayland
LVGL V8.3.2

I am trying to draw a simple GUI on top of a video stream in Linux, the video stream is being played on a wayland window, and the LVGL GUI would be running in another wayland window, I need the GUI background to be transparent, so the buttons of my GUI will look as if they where floating over the video.

I found a very similar issue:

I tried what they suggest in the issue:

lv_vdb_t * vdb = lv_vdb_get();
memset(vdb->buf, 0x00, sizeof(lv_color_t) * LV_VDB_SIZE);

but lv_vdb_t and lv_vdb_get are not defined in my LVGL repo, I am using LVGL V8.3.2
Is there a special branch I have to use to enable this transparency feature?
Or is there another way to reach the transparent background?

Best Regards!
Ohtokani Pinzón