How to delete one lv.timer in Micropython/LGVL Version: 8.3

Hi, sorry in advance if this a dumb question, but I’m stuck in this point.

How can I delete a timer, Does not be able to find a map between lv_timer_del and micropython. Was able to stop timers with lv.timer_enable(False), but this stop all the timers.

This is the code i use for testing

import display_driver
import lvgl as lv
import time
# Create a button with a label 

btn = lv.btn(lv.scr_act())
btn.align(lv.ALIGN.CENTER, 0, 0)
label = lv.label(btn)
label.set_text(' - ')

value = 0
def set_label(timer1):
    global value
    value += 1

def printdebug(timer2):
    global value
    lv.timer_enable(False) #need to be replaced for disable only timer1
    value += 1
timer1 = lv.timer_create(set_label, 1000, None)
timer2 =  lv.timer_create(printdebug, 5000, None)

Thank you for your help.

Since del is a reserved word in Python, the binding script automatically converts it to _del.
You can simply call timer1._del().

If you want to see what functions are supported you can use help.
For example:

>>> help(timer1)
object struct lv_timer_t is of type lv_timer_t
  __SIZE__ -- 24
  _del -- <function>
  pause -- <function>
  resume -- <function>
  set_cb -- <function>
  set_period -- <function>
  ready -- <function>
  set_repeat_count -- <function>
  reset -- <function>
  get_next -- <function>

Thanks a lot!!!