How to add Arabic letters to keyboard

In v7 there were no LV_FONT_DEFAULT the font was set for the theme.
Try setting this in lv_conf.h

#define LV_THEME_DEFAULT_FONT_NORMAL        &lv_font_dejavu_16_persian_hebrew

Thank you for you reply.
I changed it and still I’m getting the same result

I’ve tested an it works well for me.

Please enable logging.

For me, VS code sometimes didn’t rebuild the project if only the headers change. Please, be sure your project is really rebuilt after modifying the lv_conf.h.

I found the issue !

In lv_conf.h line 494 to 497 there was a default font already written

I worked by your advice and wrote LV_LOG_LEVEL_TRACE and it showed me these lines.

so I looked for them and commented them and it worked !

thank you @embeddedt and @kisvegabor soo much for your help, much appreciated <3

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Glad to hear that you made it work :slight_smile:

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