How does the No-Touch GUI slide lists?

Dear all,
First of all, thank you for watching and replying.


 stm32f4, st7789, ENTER-KEY, RETURN-KEY,  ROTARY-KEY

##What I’d like to achive
I want to implement a multilevel menu of the list, using the knob to slide the list, ENTER-KEY to enter the next level menu, and RETURN-KEY to return to the superior menu.

I have tried my best to implement it, but I haven’t found the specific implementation of list sliding. I don’t know what to use to replace the sliding of List. Could you help me?

I know it is lv_list_up and lv_list_down. I still have to look at it carefully.


Just to be sure, by list sliding you mean scrolling the list, right? If so what was the problem with lv_list_up/down?

Hi @kisvegabor,
Yes, it is scrolling the list. I’ll use the knob to trigger it later.
For now, however, only a direct call to lv_list_up /down after the list is created has no effect.

Can send a code snippet to reproduce?