How do I disable notifications for every new post that is made on this forum?

I get a new e-mail every time a post is made, and it is kinda overwhelming. I don’t see an option to turn off notifications for literally every new post. I’m ok with e-mails about posts I am tracking or watching, but every new post is a little much. Is there a way to turn this off?

Go to Preferences->Emails (click your avatar in the top right corner, then click your username, then click Preferences).

You’ll probably want to uncheck Activity Summary if it’s checked. Here’s a screenshot of my settings, which are set to only send emails for PMs (not even replies to posts).


Since you want to get emails for replies to posts, you’ll probably want to change the second option.

Note that it can take a while (up to a week, IIRC) for you to actually stop receiving emails. I don’t know the actual reason for this, but my theory is that the forum thinks you’re tracking all the posts you were previously emailed about.