How can I extend lv_drivers with platform specific code?


I am working on a project for which I had to port LVGL onto a microcontroller for which there is no official or any publicly available LVGL port. I also work in said semiconductor company and since they’ve been impressed by the performance of the library, they are somewhat interested in adding official support for LVGL in their SDK.

What do you want to achieve?

For the scope of my project, I only included the driver for the display that I’m using, but if we include official LVGL Support in the SDK, it would be nice to have support for multiple displays (similar to esp32 drivers).

Is there a way to extend lv_drivers so that it works with all of the indev and display drivers included.

Technically the SPI and I2C functions should all be the same, so I can imagine that it would be possible. What would you guys think is a good way to go about this?