Flexible text recolor from style

"Write a #ff0000 red# word" function is very useful, but recolor is hard coded into string.
Style of text stru has only 2 color set.
lv_color_t color; // Text color
lv_color_t sel_color; // Text selection background color.

Add highlight_color text style stru, and modify lv_draw_label() will give possibility of use themes to change highlight color in run time.
"Write a #h red# word"
‘h’ is not hexa so easy implement into code paralell with current recolor, so old codes will stay compatible.
Other modification of themes and inheriting styles are very easy.

Would be “Cream on the cake” h1…h4 and in the far away in the future ( 8.0 ) using bold font in the highlight tag ! :slight_smile:

Best whishes

Great idea! I’ll consider it for the next release.