Flex vs lv_cont containers

I just got lvgl (from HEAD of master) up and running on our custom ATSAMS70 board using the 16bit external bus interface to run to an ILI9341 display, and I’m very impressed with it! With caches enabled the performance is impressive, and I have not yet enabled DMA for blitting and fills, which should give a big jump in performance too I believe.

I’ve been writing a small application and came across both the new flex containers and the old lv_cont containers. I know the new ones are supposed to be much more flexible, but it seems to me that the old containers were much more intuitive and features like autofit (LV_FIT_MAX etc) made it very simple to make them expand to fit the available space. By contrast there does not seem to be a simple/intuitive way to do this with the flex containers. Did I miss something or is this just the way things are now?

Thanks a lot :smiley: