Feature Inquiry

Thanks, I am using a good library.
Please inquire if the following functions are possible.

  1. I want to use an inner shadow.
  2. I want to use a radio (combo) box, should I make it myself?
  3. Is there a way to use the 9-patch used in Android?
  4. If it’s not a btn object, can’t you handle the event? It was done in 6.0…

Thank you in advance.

All objects support basic events. Some support additional, more specific events. See the documentation for details.

I believe this is planned but not supported at this time.

At the moment, you would need to implement the logic yourself, though the checkbox should be a good starting point.

Not at the moment.

Thank you~

Yes, it’s possible, but not scheduled for a specific release at this moment.

lv_imgbtn supports “3-patch” (left, center, right). I agree it’d be a good improvement. I added it to our ROADMAP.