Example code for kinetis k2x

Dear Sir,
Any Example project is available for kinetis k2x series ( SSD1963 TFT Driver or any other )
Please Help Me
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There are some drivers here, but nothing specifically for Kinetis as far as I know. You will probably need to do some porting work yourself.

At NXP we’ve started to include several ports of LittleVGL into MCUXpresso SDK. You can see these as an available option if you:

  1. Go to mcuxpresso.nxp.com (you’ll need to register if you havent before, then log in. We follow the EU rules on privacy, so no unwanted emails!)
  2. Click on “Select development board”
  3. Type the name of your board (FRDM-K22F, for example)
  4. Click on Build SDK. You will then get taken to a screen with options for middleware - littelvgl is available on several boards, including the K22F one. The LCD driver supported in the example code is the ILI9431.


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Checked the K2x platforms supported in MCUXpresso current release (as of Dec 2019):

  • K22F freedom board
  • K28F freedom board

FYI, K64 and K66 are also supported.