EdgeLine license fee


Yes, we have figured it out. The concept is to log in only once when EdgeLine checks your license on our server. It creates some encrypted license data that can be used by EdgeLine to verify your license without logging in again.

It seems the pricing plans are stabilized but I can’t talk about the details before officially announcing EdgeLine. :frowning: What I can tell is that there will be a very cheap personal and a more expensive business plan.

Hi kisvegabor:
Thank you very much for your answers and look forward to the release of EdgeLine!

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I hope you didn’t get tunnel vision and focus on solely “Developers” while ignoring personal trials (without locking resources) and educational users with your licensing plan.
This project is amazing and perfect for those individuals like myself with little to no comprehension of coding. In fact it should be your primary market focus on release. However the licensing fees will completely revoke usage and experimentation for my demographic. The demographic that will undoubtedly find this asset most valuable. I was personally excited to discover a resource that could help me develop a custom UI with a few gauges and buttons. But like many others to come I wont pay a license for a few small test projects or to examine if am even competent enough to take advantage of the asset. I really really needed this utility. If the license schema isn’t reasonable, “regular joe’s” will just go with a horrible nextion option for their projects. Every time I witness this, I further understand how genius the Fusion 360 debut model really was. I personally believe that any product that utilizes or leverages open source resources for any reason should have alternative methods or channels to be obtainable for all users.

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At one point there was talk of a free version, and now it’s over $200 a year for strictly personal use?

I wouldn’t really consider that very affordable when it is purely for personal use and you can’t make money out of anything you make with it.

Personally, this means there is no chance I will use this for the small number of hobby projects I use it for, which is a shame having followed it throughout the beta period.


IIRC the last the licensing idea was this. The current version is really not exactly like this.

I also believe that there should be a free version but we need to improve the business version to make real difference compared to the personal. So I hope in the future we can update the licensing plans with a free version.

Regarding the cost of the personal license, I’d phrase it like its $19 USD month. It’s the price of a pizza and a beer. I think it’s affordable.

If there was an option to pay monthly I could kinda see that, but having to pay for a year upfront is a very different ball game.

If you click on the “Buy” button o nthe Licences page you will see this in your cart:

Checking it again it’s really not straightforward that you can choose monthly and yearly payment too. We will update it!

Excuse me. Is it possible to pay via Alipay or WeChat Pay? These may be the only two payment methods that I can use.

We use Stripe payment system and its docs says both are supported:

However, we could try out the payment only from our country (Hungary, Europe).

So please let me know either the payment was successful or not. :slight_smile:

I’m also likely to stay away from SquareLine until a free version is available; I prefer to build my projects with tools which anyone can access, where possible.


Sorry, I didn’t see any entry of these two on the payment page. Maybe it needs to be added explicitly.

The checkout screen look like this for me.

Can you send a screenshot about yours?
We will check if there i missing setting in Stripe.

Listening to your feedback we were thinking about the licencing model and would be very curious about what you think about followings. As we are still in very early stage we can still update the licensing.

  • 30 days trial for a full version
  • Free version with max 5 screens, and max 50 widgets, non commercial (same as the current personal), not registration required.
  • Professional same as free but for commercial too and pro features later
    • Small (< 100k$ annual revenue per year or personal): ~$25 per month
    • Large (>= 100k$ annual revenue per year): ~$150 per month

What do you think?

There were questions about lifetime licence for a given version which doesn’t depend on SquareLine’s backend. In this cases we can give a custom offer.

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Free version with 5 screen sounds enough for play in home. I think that it will be an excellent advertisement for the comercial version. Here I agree in 100%

Other sonds similar like now- complicated life.


Professional same as free but for commercial too and pro features later

  • Small (< 100$ revenue per year or personal): ~$25 per month
  • Large (>= 100$ revenue per year): ~$150 per month

Is that $100k rather than $100? If $100 that’s VERY low so I imagine it’s an error? Even $100k might be seen by small companies - like ours lol - as perhaps still rather low (if it’s total turnover - not sure you could properly monitor a per-product turnover). $250k perhaps? Please :wink:

Lol, yes :smiley: I updated the comment.

We were thinking in a range of 100k and 250k. We will check some more other projects to see what is the current best practice.

Yes, it’s hard to monitor exactly. If the limit is 100k and you have 120k we will never figure it out. But if you have 500k probably it will be suspicious from some data. I think the EULA should be updated to tell that the customers need to send documents to prove they have less than the limit revenue. Not needed from everybody but only if it’s suspicious.
Anyway, it’s more like a gentlemen’s agreement. Similarly to royalty.

Hi kisvegabor:
I have a question like I bought a one year license during which I finished developing the product and the code was deployed to the device. After the license period expires, can I still use the code generated by SquareLine during the license period because I may have new equipment to manufacture?

If I can’t use it, as in this case, do I need to buy a lifetime licence until the end of my product’s life cycle?

It’s the same for me. But these two payments actually do not deal with cards directly. They normally link to another webpage with a dedicated QR Code which is used for payment.

Yes, you can sell product with that UI, but you won’t be able to edit a business project with personal account.

Thank you for the confirmation. We have found how to enable AliPay and will let you know if it can be tired out.